Saturday, February 11, 2006

Church of England Synod Shows Overwhelming Support for Women Bishops Compromise
Saturday, Feb. 11, 2006
Posted: 3:08:38PM EST

LONDON – This week the introduction of women bishops into the Church of England seemed to move a step closer after the General Synod overwhelmingly offered to support a compromise plan on the issue.

Thursday at the Synod saw discussions continue, and a debate led by the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams result in just one member of the Church’s ruling body standing in opposition to proposals that could see women bishops introduced by 2012.

Overall, 348 members of the Synod backed the call for “further exploration” of the compromise proposal issued by Dr Williams. Therefore, the Church will now undertake further investigations of how exactly the proposals to allow parishes to opt-out of the care of women bishops can be implemented.

The proposed scheme has been titled Transferred Episcopal Arrangements (TEA), and is seen as a compromise that will welcome women bishops without completely isolating those against the plans.Dr Williams, the spiritual head of the worldwide Anglican Communion, said that the Church was in “uncharted territory,” but that keeping the status quo was not an option.
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