Wednesday, June 14, 2006

View from the floor
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Excerpt: "Yesterday, as we were heading to the Special Committee on Communion Matters hearing, we passed the entry to the hall where the ECW (Episcopal Church Women) was having their Eucharist. Lined up out in the hallway were the most unlikely lines of women.
The woman at the head of the line was resting a massive lit Paschal Candle on the floor, behind her were those carrying stones (I discovered later), followed by a group carrying pitchers of water, followed by a bearer of windchimes.

The stones were supposed to represent sins, after being placed in a basin, the water was poured over them to cover them, (covering is not the same as absolving) and then, I suppose, the windchimes were representative of some spirit. But as one Apostle was heard to remark, "There are spirits, and then there are well,... spirits."

the rest at Apostolicity


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