Friday, September 29, 2006

St. John’s Anglican Church Responds to Lawsuit by Episcopal Diocese of San Diego to Grab Its Property
Friday September 29th 2006 ,

Fallbrook, Calif. – September 28, 2006 – On Thursday, the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, led by Episcopal Bishop James Mathes, filed suit against Fr. Donald Kroeger, nine church volunteers, and St. John’s Church, Fallbrook, in an attempt to confiscate their property and punish St. John’s members for exercising their religious freedom of choice to affiliate with another diocese and bishop in the Anglican Communion.

In July, an overwhelming majority of members of St. John’s voted to end their spiritual affiliation with the Episcopal Church due to its forty year drift away from orthodox Christian belief, and to align with the Anglican Church of Uganda. St. John’s is among hundreds of churches and thousands of individuals that have left the Episcopal Church in the past few years over issues of church doctrine.

Since St. John’s has never received a penny from the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego or the national Episcopal Church to purchase or maintain its property, St. John’s volunteer board voted unanimously to continue to hold services at its current location.
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