Wednesday, February 28, 2007

'Cloning to kill' bill on way to Iowa governor's desk
Jim Brown and Jody Brown
February 28, 2007

An Iowa pro-life group is lamenting the fact that, in the wake of a bill's approval in the State House, human cloning will soon be legal in the state. The state's Democratic governor has indicated he plans to sign the legislation when it crosses his desk. Pre-vote lobbying apparently included a phone call from pro-abortion rock star Sheryl Crow to a member of the Iowa House.

The Iowa House and Senate have passed a bill that repeals the state's human cloning ban that was established in 2002. The House vote was a close one, 52-46, and followed an even closer Senate vote (26-24). The measure permits "somatic cell nuclear transfer," also known as human cloning for the purpose of destroying human embryos. Iowa Governor Chet Culver says he looks forward to signing the bill.
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