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Study: Children Start Watching Porn at Age 6
Kids start watching porn online from as early as the age of 6—and are flirting on the Internet from the age of 8—according to a Bitdefender marketing study of over 19,000 parents worldwide...

President met with anti-Tea Party IRS union chief the day before agency targeted Tea Party
...In short: the very day after the president of the quite publicly anti-Tea Party labor union — the union for IRS employees — met with President Obama, the manager of the IRS “Determinations Unit Program agreed” to open a “Sensitive Case report on the Tea party cases.” As stated by the IG report...

Chinese Hackers Resume Attacks on U.S. Targets
 Three months after hackers working for a cyber unit of China’s People’s Liberation Army went silent amid evidence that they had stolen data from scores of American companies and government agencies, they appear to have resumed their attacks  using different techniques, according to computer industry security experts and American officials...

Senator: Investigate Doc Who Twists Off Babies’ Necks in Abortions
A U.S. senator from Texas says a recently-exposed abortion practitioner who is the second Kermit Gosnell and twists the heads off of babies he brutally kills in late-term abortions needs to become a subject of investigation...

Workers in facilities like Gosnell’s and Karpen’s ‘are starting to panic’ ...Assistants and employees at abortion clinics who “have been involved in these things are starting to panic,” Crutcher said. “I know you're going to see more and more of these people coming forward and...trying to make deals with prosecutors like some of those people in Pennsylvania probably wish they had.”

“One of the things that has gotten glossed over in the Gosnell situation is that not only did Gosnell get convicted of murder and he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail, [but] eight of his employees got convicted of crimes,” Crutcher said...

Church of Scotland debates gay ordinations
...The report sets out the traditionalist and revisionist views on the ordination of ministers who are in same-sex relationships.

Drawn up by the Church's Theological Commission, it notes that some of the views expressed will be met with "anxious concern" and that some may feel they can no longer remain within the Church of Scotland.

Revisionists argue in the report that "God is calling the Church in this generation to acceptance and affirmation of stable, committed, faithful same-sex partnerships"...

Albert Mohler: “By What Power or by What Name Did You Do This?” The Question Every Minister of Christ Must Long to Be Asked ...That is precisely the right question. It sounds so strange to us, but it is exactly the right question. By what right, by whose name, in whose authority had they dared to do these things?

This is the question every true minister of Christ should long to be asked. Note carefully that it only makes sense to ask this question after something happens that demands it. Sadly, there have been many who have entered the ministry and retired into history, never having been asked this question. This question is asked of the bold, the courageous, the convictional. This is the question asked in the wake of any great demonstration of the Gospel’s power and of God’s determined power to save. It is the question asked in the wake of true revival. It is the obvious question to ask when a lame man begins to walk and leap, when the blind begin to see and the mute begin to speak.

But it is also the obvious question to ask every time the great good news of the Gospel is declared. Indeed, it is the obvious question to ask every time the Word of God is rightly and bravely preached. “By what power or by what name did you do this?”..

Why American Kids Have ADHD and French Kids Don’t
...The real question is not “Why don’t French kids have ADHD?” The real question is “Why do American kids have it?” After all, we’re the ones who are abnormal.

We really don’t have an ADHD epidemic in this country. Our brains are not less healthy than the French. Instead, we have an epidemic of parents looking for a scientific excuse for their own disappointment in their children, and we have a glut of lazy doctors willing to prescribe whatever drugs parents request.

Hyperactivity? Yes, many of our children are hyperactive. Inability to focus? Yes, many of our children cannot focus their attention on a particular task. I’m not saying that the symptoms of ADHD aren’t real. These symptoms, however, do not stem from biological imbalances that require medication. The problem isn’t our children; the problem is us. We’ve created their social context, and it’s not a place where they can thrive. It’s time to admit that parents are the problem, not the children...

'I Personally Know 15 People Who Wrote Out Big Checks to Mitt Romney and Within 90 Days Got IRS Audit Notices'

The IRS Is in Big Trouble
...Call me an alarmist, but the IRS is in trouble—big trouble. And considering our nation’s irresponsible fiscal path, an IRS rocked by scandal would be nothing less than catastrophic. This is an agency under siege....

Government Loses Control-Tea party and other groups use social media to spread the news about IRS abuse world-wide
...As the nation's chief executive, President Obama is accountable for the IRS, State Department and Justice Department. His longtime adviser David Axelrod last week blamed a too-big government for the scandals: "Part of being president is that there's so much beneath you that you can't know because the government is so vast."

Messrs. Obama and Axelrod helped create that problem, but the argument against big government rings especially true in an era when not even the government can control information.


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