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May 11, 2013

Judge Jeanine Pirro, who attended this week's Congressional hearing on Benghazi, says the testimony she witnessed proved President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are liars.

The Multiple Facets Of The IRS Scandal
What is commonly referred to as the IRS scandal consists of several distinct, although obviously related, elements. The scandal was brought to light by the revelation that the IRS, in evaluating nonprofits’ applications for 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) status, discriminated against Tea Party and other conservative groups. The IRS would routinely hold up such applications, sometimes for years, while often making irrelevant inquiries of the applicant, e.g., asking for the names of donors. At the same time, the IRS quickly and easily approved similar applications from liberal groups...

Texas’ Gosnell Doug Karpen under criminal investigation for murdering newborn babies
Houston prosecutors announced today they have launched a criminal investigation of Douglas Karpen, the late-term abortionist who twisted newborn babies' heads off with his bare hands according to his former employees.

After an intense pro-life lobbying effort, the Harris County District Attorney's Office announced this afternoon it had opened an early probe into allegations raised by three former employees that Karpen was guilty of infanticide in a manner reminiscent of Kermit Gosnell...

Kermit Gosnell and the Logic of "Pro-Choice"
...Who but the abortionist is the slave-dealer today? On whom does the traffic in abortions entirely depend? Who else gives practical effect to the “right to choose” an abortion proclaimed in Roe v. Wade?

But our own social customs are not so different from what Lincoln saw in the antebellum South. We “shrink from the snaky contact” with the abortion provider, and even people who call themselves “pro-choice” avert their eyes from the grisly reality of what it means, in practice, to exercise the “right to choose.”

Barack Obama, on April 26, was the first sitting president of the United States to give a public address to a convention of the slave-dealers of our age. That morning he gave a twelve-minute speech to the annual conference of Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for more abortions than any other provider in the country.

Evidently he is not afraid to come into contact with our own “class of native tyrants,” who carry on the despicable business of destroying hundreds of thousands of human lives each year, and have the audacity to say they are serving “women’s health.” But then this is, after all, the same politician who voted against an Illinois law to protect the lives of newborns who survived failed abortions.

There is a limit even to Obama’s audacity, though. The president mentioned the “right to choose” four times in his brief speech, but somehow this transitive verb never took an object. Choose what? He never uttered the word “abortion,” though it was plain that the entire speech was about the centrality of abortion to the president’s notion of women’s “health.” Is there any other constitutional right, real or invented, that does not go by its true name when its defenders speak of it?...

Black Pastors: Church 'Woefully Uninformed' About Abortion's Impact
A coalition of African-American clergy and leaders who came to the nation's capital to lobby for a Congressional investigation of the abortion industry says that the American church is by and large ignorant of abortion's negative impact...

President of 'Jesus Stomping' Florida University Quits
...During the course of the past year, Saunders defended a professor who asked students to stomp on a paper after writing the name "Jesus" on it and a failed attempt to name the football stadium after jail contractor Geo Group. Another professor made news when he suggested the Newtown, Conn., shooting in which 20 schoolchildren were killed never took place...


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