Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Christian woman in Sudan shackled; Glossing Over Islamist Ideology of Boko Haram.....more

Christian woman sentenced to death in Sudan for rejecting Islam is shackled despite the fact she is 8 mo. pregnant
News reports out today indicate the Christian woman sentenced to death in Sudan for rejecting Islam is being shackled by Sudanese officials despite the fact she is eight-months pregnant. The Islamic court is waiting until Meriam Ibrahim, 26, gives birth before carrying out the sentence but she is reportedly held in chains until then.

Ibrahim’s husband, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, a Christian, tells CNN that she has been spending her days bound with shackles on her legs. He was able to visit his wife for the first time in prison yesterday...

Efforts Mount to Gloss Over Islamist Ideology of Boko Haram
U.S. Islamists are working hard to cleanse the semantics of the media so the Islamist ideology of Boko Haram isn't a topic of scrutiny...

Which Americans Exaggerate Church Attendance Most
Whether evangelical or mainline, white or black, Catholic or unaffiliated, a new survey finds that many Americans have one thing in common: We exaggerate our church attendance.

But the degree depends on denomination.

White evangelicals are twice as likely to admit they rarely go to church if asked online (17 percent) vs. over the phone by a live human being (9 percent). Black Protestants display a similar split (24 percent online vs. 14 percent by phone)...

Gallup: Only 3% Call Environment 'Most Important Problem'
A new Gallup poll released on Monday shows that Americans consider unemployment/jobs, government corruption, and the economy as the three "most important" problems facing the country. Just 3% of those surveyed listed the environment/pollution as America's most important problem...

Legislation Aims to Keep Firms From Leaving U.S. for Tax Savings
Lawmakers will unveil bills on Tuesday to keep major corporations from leaving the U.S. for tax purposes, but the legislation probably won’t be enacted quickly enough to prevent more such exits, experts say.

It might even accelerate a few departures...


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