Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rev. Graham: America 'Is Beginning to Implode; Our Electronic “Life”...more

Rev. Graham: America 'Is Beginning to Implode, We're On The Precipice of Anarchy'  Evangelist Franklin Graham held a prayer rally in Cleveland before the start of the Republican National Convention during which he said the nation is in trouble, the nation has ejected God from the public square, "and our country is beginning to implode," that we are "on the precipice of anarchy.

Reverend Graham, son of world-renowned pastor Billy Graham, also stressed that the only solution is "a spiritual healing from God," that politicians cannot solve the problem, only God can...

UK: Doctors who won't carry out abortions 'are not promoted'   Doctors who refuse to take part in abortions are suffering increasingly from harassment and discrimination at work, the British Medical Association has told MPs.

Healthcare professionals are complaining to the union that they faced a glass ceiling and were denied promotion if they objected to abortions, a report reveals today.

The parliamentary inquiry also found that staff were under 'widespread and increasing pressure' to participate in abortions...

Paedophile ring inside Newcastle Anglican Church exposed by whistleblowers ...Mr Elliott has worked for both the Catholic Church and the Anglicans investigating sex abuse complaints.

He said the Anglican abusers were worse than the Catholics because they cooperated with each other.

"My experience in the Anglican Diocese is that the abusers tended to be better organised, more cooperative … it was a larger scale of child abuse and they cooperated together," he said.

"If you want to call it a paedophile ring … certainly there were groups of child sex abusers that were working together to facilitate their abuse of children, without a doubt."...

Our Electronic “Life”
If diamonds could be had for free, would we still stoop to pick them up? Today we see the great ideas of the ages—preserved and studied over the centuries, at great cost in time and money—uploaded to the internet. The cost of maintaining and accessing this ancient wisdom has dropped to a new low. But so has its cultural penetration (despite the fact that the price of education has climbed to a new high).

Of course the internet has done much more than lower the cost of our cultural treasures. It distributes facts and opinions, classics and pornography, treasures and trash with the same ease, creating the impression that, whatever you want, whatever you need, it can be found on the internet.

It is a false promise. The internet, for all its variety, can only provide a certain kind of knowledge. You can learn about bicycles on the internet, but you cannot learn to ride them there. To know a bicycle you must feel a bicycle. You can become knowledgeable in the first way from the internet; in the second way you cannot. In humans, this is the difference between a know-it-all and a broadly capable person...


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